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“Good explanations, pertinent changes; my editor really tried to understand the purpose and the content.”
Jean-Baptiste  17-Oct-2014

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About Sibia Proofreading: Professional Editing Services

Sibia Proofreading provides proofreading, essay review, and copy editing services to graduate and college students, authors, businesses, researchers, professors and professionals from around the world. Our team of highly experienced online editors conducts dissertation editing, book editing, business editing, academic editing, ESL editing and personal document review. Our editing and paper review is world-class and we offer a choice of turnaround times. When you need an exhaustive English grammar check and superb writing editing from top-notch freelance editors and proofreaders, Sibia Proofreading is ready, 24/7. Get the Editing and Proofreading help you need today!

Our Editors

David: David has many years' experience as an editor. Dedicated to the art of expression in all its forms, when not helping to clarify your written word, he is a professional classical bassoonist, performing with orchestras and opera companies throughout the United States. David has a Bachelor of Arts from Harvard College and a Master of Music from Rice University.

Joanna: Joanna has a background in the social sciences and received her MSc from University College London before obtaining a teaching qualification from Oxford University. She has extensive experience proofreading, including at the Office of Fair Trading in London, and having been educated in both the United Kingdom and the United States is familiar with the intricate differences that exist in the English language.

Marc: Marc is a freelance journalist and editor with significant experience in his field. After his BA, Marc worked for multinationals Xerox and Mars before following his love of the written word as a full-time career. Originally from the UK, Marc honed an excellent eye for detail while working as a sub-editor on the news desk of Fairfax, Australia's premier media company. He has since returned home and continues to publish and edit for a range of high-profile outlets.


Businesses and Professionals

Press Releases · Business Plans · Annual Reports · Marketing Collateral · Contracts · Powerpoint Presentations · Websites · RFPs and RFQs · Legal Documents · Reports · White Papers ·Term Sheets · Brochures · Proposals

Academic/Technical Writing

Technical Papers · Scientific Papers · Journal Articles · Academic Publications · Medical Papers · White Papers · Research Papers · Grant Applications · Project Proposals· Lectures· Presentations

Graduate & College Students

Dissertations · Theses · Research Papers ·Essays · Term Papers · Research Proposals · Presentations · Grant Applications

Non-native (ESL) English Speakers

Get specialized help with the editing and proofreading of your English documents. Sibia Proofreading assists students, professors, researchers and business professionals from around the world.